Have you seen Resmairhof’s new website yet?

Our new website is online.

We look forward to your next visit – on the web or here in person with us in Schenna.

Here in Schenna, the colourful season always starts a little earlier than in the rest of South Tyrol. There’s a well-known saying here that the strength for new growth lies in the stillness of winter. That certainly applies to the Alpine-Mediterranean nature of our region, which is finally reawakening from its hibernation and is bathing the vineyards in radiant sunshine. And it’s also true for our Resmairhof. During the cold months of the year, we’ve been busy tinkering, planning, crafting, and writing so that we can present our hotel with whirlpool in the rooms to you in all its new glory in 2022. All that hard work has resulted in a fantastic new website that not only tells you everything you need to know about your holiday in Schenna, but also whets your appetite for your holiday with great pictures. Have a click through the pages: We’ll take you along with us on a virtual day’s holiday at our Resmairhof.

Have you seen Resmairhof’s new website yet?

The Unterthuner family

Have you seen Resmairhof’s new website yet?
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