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The spa treatments at our hotel in Schenna
The spa treatments at our hotel in Schenna
The spa treatments at our hotel in Schenna
The spa treatments at our hotel in Schenna

“All for your health and well-being.”

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PIROCHE Rosalpina

€103.00 80 min.

A natural beauty programme for the face, neck, and neckline to reduce the appearance of smile lines and wrinkles. A rich combination of plant-based vital substances and bio-energetic drainage using the Lymphodrainer give you an even complexion. The skin gains tone and elasticity. For a relaxed face and a radiant appearance.


€103.00 80 min.

The precious vitamin complex and moisturising active ingredients revitalise, nourish, and tone the skin. The combination of restorative substances and the supporting use of the Lymphodrainer has an intensive, long-lasting skin-regenerating effect. The skin’s defences are activated and protect from signs of premature ageing. This treatment experience gives delicate, dry, mature skin new vitality and radiance.


€80.00 50 min.

This mini beauty experience for the skin is carried out via drainage using the Lymphodrainer with shorter care steps. This is a wonderful opportunity to discover Piroche products and treatments or as an introduction to the world of beauty indulgence.

PIROCHE Men’s Skincare

€70.00 50 min.

This men’s skincare treatment offers unique protection and comfort for fresh, smooth, and strong skin. A powerful formula containing hyaluron, vitamins, and plant extracts restores the skin’s elasticity and gives it a fresh look. Also suitable for sensitive skin.
We recommend shaving a few hours before this skincare treatment.

Classic full-body massage

€75.00 50 min.

Do something good for your body. Simply relax and enjoy.
Leave everyday life behind and gain new energy.

Classic partial-body massage

€45.00 20 min.
  • For the feet and legs
  • For the back

Head, neck, and shoulder massage

€45.00 25 min.

Calming and gentle or powerful massage techniques release tension in the head, neck, and shoulder area.


€50.00 25 min.

Powerful pressure-point massage focused on the feet. The mirroring of the body on the foot activates the self-healing power of the corresponding organs. In addition, the treatment promotes improved circulation in the legs and tissues in the body. It also serves to strengthen the immune system and to generally reduce stress.

Lymph-stimulating massage

€50.00 25 min.

Area-specific treatment
Using a pump and push technique, surplus tissue fluids are drained and detoxified from the body. Strongly recommended for heavy legs and cellulite. The experience will leave you feeling lighter and fresher.

Lymph-stimulating massage

€70.00 50 min.

Area-specific treatment
Using a pump and push technique, surplus tissue fluids are drained and detoxified from the body. Strongly recommended for heavy legs and cellulite. The experience will leave you feeling lighter and fresher.

Aromatherapy massage

€75.00 50 min.

Balancing and relaxing massage with lightly warmed aromatherapy oils. This combination of manual application and natural scents encourages the release of physical and emotional tension. You’re free to choose between a strong or gentle massage.

Relaxing massage with warm forehead oil flow

€103.00 80 min.

This treatment releases muscle tension, leaving the entire body feeling lighter and rested. The warm forehead oil flow relaxes body and soul. The use of Tibetan singing bowls helps you completely unwind.

Hot stone massage

€90.00 50 min.

An ancient massage technique using lava stones, which releases muscle tension and activates energy flow in the meridians. The hot stone massage focuses on the whole body. As well as special massage techniques, the therapist uses oval-shaped basalt stones, heated to a pleasant temperature, and warm oils. This treatment relaxes muscles and tension in the body.

Sports massage

€90.00 50 min.

This deep-tissue massage releases and relaxes muscle tension and blockages. Thanks to the use of cupping glasses and the activating power of arnica, this massage provides soothing regeneration and releases the fascia. Tired muscles are loosened, especially in the arms and legs, and the back is relaxed.

Intensive back massage

€55.00 25 min.

This massage treatment combines an excellent mix of releasing massage techniques supported by warmth and the cupping method. Knotted muscle sections are smoothed and released, blockages cleared, and your back brought into a state of relaxation. Recommended for stubborn and knotted muscle tension and adhesions. 

Alpine Fango wrap

€50.00 40 min.

Alpine mineral mud and carefully selected extracts of mountain herbs stimulate the detoxification of your skin and at the same time strengthen and activate it. The Alpine body wrap gives you pure skin, relaxed muscles, and an all-round feeling of well-being. 

Seaweed wrap

€50.00 40 min.

The seaweed mud refines the complexion and tones and tightens the tissues. This treatment activates the skin’s cellular metabolism. A wonderful wrap for those who pay attention to their figure.

Resmairhof’s salt scrub

€40.00 25 min.

A body scrub of fine salt that carefully removes unsightly flakes of skin. Also perfect for men’s more rugged skin.

Manicure with nail polish

€48.00 50 min.

Pedicure with nail polish

€53.00 50 min.

Nail polish

€15.00 15 min.

Eyebrow adjustment

€15.00 1 session/s

Eyebrow tint

€13.00 1 session/s

Eyelash tint

€21.00 1 session/s

Eyebrow and eyelash tint

€28.00 1 session/s

Hair removal full leg (with warm wax)

€48.00 45 min.

Full leg

Hair removal leg to the knee (with warm wax)

€28.00 25 min.

Hair removal bikini area or underarm (with warm wax)

€18.00 15 min.

Hair removal upper lip or chin (with warm wax)

€13.00 15 min.

Teenie facial treatment basic (under 16s)

€38.00 50 min.

Basic facial treatment with scrub, cleansing, individual mask, and daily care. 
Normalises and cleanses young, adolescent skin. 

Beautiful hands treatment (under 16s)

€38.00 25 min.

Filing, nourishing cream, and choice of polish

Kids’ relaxing massage (under 12 years)

€32.00 25 min.

Light massage for relaxing the muscles which gives you balance and relaxation.

Beauty day

€187.20 1 session/s
  • Piroche basic face treatment (50 min.)
  • Pedicure (50 min.)
  • Aromatherapy massage (50 min.) 


€144.00 1 session/s
  • Resmairhof’s salt scrub (25 min.)
  • Seaweed wrap (40 min.)
  • Lymph-stimulating massage (50 min.)


€162.00 1 session/s
  • Resmairhof’s salt scrub (25 min.)
  • Alpine Fango wrap (40 min.)
  • Sports massage (50 min.)

What treatment can we pamper you with today?

The spa treatments at our hotel in Schenna
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