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Resmairhof, your hiking hotel in Meran and Environs
Resmairhof, your hiking hotel in Meran and Environs
Resmairhof, your hiking hotel in Meran and Environs
Resmairhof, your hiking hotel in Meran and Environs
Resmairhof, your hiking hotel in Meran and Environs

In spring, summer, and autumn, the landscape around our hiking hotel in Meran and Environs is a true paradise for nature lovers.

Holidays at your hiking hotel in Meran and Environs

Follow the “Waalwege” irrigation channel trails down in the valley, marvel at the unique beauty of the apple blossoms on a leisurely walk, enjoy the awe-inspiring view of the Meran valley basin and the surrounding mountain giants on a summit hike in the Monte Cervina/Hirzer region, or admire the beauty of South Tyrolean nature on the Alpine pastures. Yes, we’ll admit it: Hiking is and always will be our favourite pastime in South Tyrol.

The most wonderful walks around our hiking hotel in the Meran area

The trails around our hiking hotel in Meran and Environs lead you to secluded spots, historic buildings, blooming fruit orchards, and fragrant vineyards. Here, you’ll find the most wonderful routes that you can embark on right from our hotel in Schenna or nearby.

Schenna Waalweg trail (2km distance)

Take the bus from Schenna to Gasthof Pichler inn. From there, the beautiful Waalweg trail heads off to the right taking you southwards to the romantic “Katzenleiter” steps and onwards to Brunjaunhof farm. Accompanied by beautiful views of Meran, the route continues above St. Georgen to the valley station of the Ivigna/Ifinger funicular in Val di Nova/Naiftal. From there, you can take the bus back to Schenna.

Waldweg forest trail (7km distance)

Above the castle, this route forks to the left and continues through meadows to the chestnut trees below Thurnerhof farm. From here, the forest trail snakes downward to Riffianer Weg path, from where you can walk back to the village square in the centre of Schenna.

Maiser Waalweg trail (2km distance)

At Schennerhof farm, take the fork to Katnauweg and Leiterweg, which takes you past Innerleiter to the Maiser Waalweg trail just above Ofenbaur. Continue along this level path in a northerly direction and then cross Schnuggenbach stream to reach Petaunerhof farm and on to the Riffianer Weg trail, from where you can return to Schenna and your hiking hotel in Meran and Environs.

Mitterplattweg trail (3km distance)

From Resmairhof, head towards the centre of Schenna. After 100m, turn left and you will reach Mitterplattweg trail, which leads through orchards and vineyards. From the trail, you will have an amazing panoramic view of Meran and the Tessa/Texel group. From Schenna swimming pool, continue on Hauptstrasse and from there return to your starting point at Resmairhof.

Schenna – St. Georgen – Schenna (2km distance)

St.-Georgen-Strasse leads past the mini-golf up to “Rodelstein”. From there, the path forks to the left with a somewhat steep incline to St. Georgen. The round church decorated with frescoes and with an amazing panoramic view is an inviting place for a short break. With a slight incline, the path continues in the direction of the Waalweg trail, then forks to the left, continues through pastures and past Krebishof farm and the beautifully located Lothhof farm before leading back to Schenna.

Walking through Schenna (3km distance)

Walk towards the centre of Schenna, past the village square and up to Schenna Castle. Then, turn right and continue back to the starting point at Resmairhof. Along the way, you will have an amazing view of the centre of Schenna with its castle, church, and mausoleum.

Sissi’s path (7km distance)

This path is dedicated to Empress Elisabeth of Austria. It connects the centre of Meran with the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, meaning you can combine a walk with a visit to the spectacular gardens. Starting from Trauttmansdorff Castle, the path leads past various castles and residences down to the river Passirio/Passer, over the stone “Ponte Romano” bridge, and along the Wandelhalle promenade to Elisabeth Park at the entrance to the Summer Promenade. Return via the same route.

Tappeiner promenade (3km distance)

Walk from the parish church in Meran to the Passeier Gate and along the old Passeirer Strasse with a slight incline up to the start of the Tappeiner promenade. Continue along the wide promenade to the Gunpowder Tower and then to Gratsch, where the Tappeiner promenade ends just after the Unterweger guesthouse on Laurinstrasse. Return to the centre of Meran along the promenade.

Our favourite hikes and mountain tours

Hiking in the pastures in the Cervina/Hirzer region (6km distance | easy)

Follow the level route from Klammeben via Hirzer mountain hut to Hintereggalm and Mahdalm. Right behind this, we ascend a little to Rotmoos. From this flat pasture, the route leads back to Tallner Alm and Klammeben pastures. When the Alpine rose is in bloom –end of June/beginning of July – this route is particularly recommended.

Raststeinweg trail (7km distance | moderate)

At Pichlerstrasse turn right into Bergerweg and you will pass Roathhöfen and Fungganell farms on the way to Rastlhof mountain hut. The access road takes you to Salfnerhof and Salfgut farms and ascends a little to Raststeinweg trail. This beautiful, shaded path takes you to Gsteirer Weg trail from where you can hike back to Schenna.

Schenna – Stickle Gasse – Mitterplattweg (5km distance | easy)

Katnauweg forks at Schennerhof, then take Mitterplattweg trail to “Stickle Gasse”, an old connecting path from Schenna to Obermais (where there is a memorial plaque dedicated to the French soldiers who died here in 1809). At Sonnwendhof farm, the Waalweg trail forks down to the left and leads to Planta Castle. You then continue to Oberhaslerhof farm on Haslerweg trail and then take Mitterplattweg trail past the outdoor swimming pool to return to Schenna.

Mountain peak tour to Ivigna/Ifinger (5km distance | difficult)

The ascent from the Meran 2000 hiking area leads through Waidmannalm pasture (route 3), past St. Oswald church to Oswaldscharte ridge and Kuhleiten (route 19A). From Ivigna/Ifinger, Schenna’s local mountain, you will enjoy an amazing panoramic view. As the ascent to the mountain peak is on a via ferrata, a certain amount of mountaineering experience is required. Not suitable for those prone to dizziness.

Taser – Schnugger – Zmailer – Schenna (7km distance | moderate)

The cable car takes you to Taser, from where you can reach Schnugger via the access road. From there, you can take a shaded forest path to Zmailerhof. Continue over the meadow and then through the forest to reach Rastlhof mountain hut and then return to Schenna.

Verdins – Wiesersteig – Schenna (4km distance | easy)

Via Wiesersteig trail, which begins at Verdinser church, the route leads to Hofweg trail, which passes Köstenthaler and carries on to Pichler. Further along the Waalweg channel trail, you will reach a fork, which leads to Ifingerstrasse via Moareben and on to Schenna.

St. Georgen – Jägerrast – Holzner – Verdins (5km distance | moderate)

The route starts a short distance above St. Georgen, passes by Tommelehof farm, and leads to Jägerrast inn. Then, with a slight incline, you continue on to “Holzner Säge” sawmill, then along a beautiful, level trail to Holznerhof and onwards to Vallplatzhof hut. The trail, which forks to the left here, takes you to Hofweg trail and via Wiesersteig path to Verdins. From Verdins, you can easily reach the hotel by bus.

Useful information:

You can set off on the last four hikes directly from the doorstep of our hotel in Schenna with pool. For all others, public transport will take you quickly and cheaply to the starting points of your tours. You can find further information on the Schenna app!